Critical Care

NASA VITAL Ventilator

A new high-pressure ventilator developed by NASA engineers and tailored to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) patients was approved by the FDA.

AirAngel 3D printed laryngoscope

This is not FDA-approved, but might prove useful in other parts of the world where an affordable video laryngoscope is not readily available.

BWH COVID-19 PRotocols

Not strictly DIY, but Brigham and Women's Hospital released their hospital COVID-19 guidelines. A lot of useful, detailed information on patient management.

Airway management tent

S Kunnavatana on provides a video and instructions on building a "Negative Pressure Intubation and Isolation Hood."

Effectiveness of Aerobox Demo

Boston Medical Center released a video demonstrating the effectiveness of the Aerosol Box for preventing contamination using a simulated cough.

Medtronic PB560 Ventilator system

Medtronic released design specifications and schematics for their Puritan Bennett 560 ventilator system.
Link: Medtronic PB560 files

MIT E-VENT - open source ventilator

MIT will be releasing information regarding their open source, low cost, bare-bones ventilator.

Minimize time between extubation and mask

Dr. Daniel Saddawi-Konefka shows one method of minimizing the time between extubation and mask placement.

COVID Aerosol Reduction Cover

Dr. Tyler Bertroche from St. Louis provides a simple, elegant, low-cost approach to reducing aerosolization during intubation - a plastic drape with holes in it.
Link: Aerosol Reduction Cover


Dr. Renato Favero from Gardone Valtrompia Hospital, Italy has instructions on converting a commercial snorkel mask into a CPAP mask. 3D printer files included.

Ventilator Splitter

Drs. Bryan Lai, Jennifer Erian provide another design for a ventilator circuit splitter, including STL files.

Covid-19 intubation demo

VUMC Emergency Medicine released an instructional video on the intubation of Covid-19 patients.

Aerosol Box - intubation

Dr. Hsien Yung Lai designed a clear box that can be placed over the patient's head during intubation to limit health care provider exposure.
Link: Focus Taiwan News Article

One ventilator, multiple people

Dr. Charlene Babcock shares instructions on the use of one ventilator for multiple people.

Ventilator splitter design

Boise State University posted instructions on printing a ventilator splitter.
Link: Splitter Instructions