Face Masks

99.5% filtration efficiency Mask

Nurse Tommye Austin shares instructions on making a mask with MERV 13+ HVAC filters. Interestingly, she also appears to use Halyard sterilization wrap for the non-filter material.
Link: News Article with Step-By-Step Instructions

Material filter Testing

Johnny Chung Lee and Nina Shih provided some insight into the effectiveness of various filter materials using a particle counter.
Link: Results
Link Methodology

paperMake mask

‎Dexter Chew Xuan Han‎ provides an instructable and template for a paper cut-out mask using card stock and a filter.
Link: PaperMake

Basic REspirator using tyvek

Hunter Futo provides a design for a basic respirator using Tyvek.
Link: https://basicrespirator.com/

The montana mask

We've posted their mask below, but this is a DIY mask that has gone through more rigorous testing than many of the other DIY options out there.
Link: https://www.makethemasks.com/

UF Halyard H600 mask

University of Florida has a instructions on building a mask out of Halyard H600 material.
Link: https://anest.ufl.edu/clinical-divisions/mask-alternative/

CDC face mask guide

The CDC now recommends use of cloth face masks and provides a guide on how to make your own. Please note that these masks, like most cloth masks, have very poor filtration properties compared to N95 or surgical masks. This site recommends a filtration layer, which you can find in some of the other guides.

Ragmask face mask instructions

Jean Whitehead and team at Ragmask.com have simple instructions on a DIY face mask.
Link: https://ragmask.com

Snorkel mask adapter

Brubotics offers a 3D-printable adapter for the Decathalon snorkel mask and the ventilator in-line circuit filters.
Link: Snorkel Mask Adapter

Standardized Synthesis of Face Masks PRoposal

Nirupa Gadi, et al., provides a proposal of standardized face masks during shortages. The proposal goes over various filter material and construction.
Link: Standardized Synthesis of Face Masks Proposal

Mask with Screw-In Filters

‎Silviu Stroe provides instructions and a good overview of 3D-printed masks.
Link: 3D Printed Mask with Screw-in Filters

Quantitative Respirator Mask Testing

Dr. Scott N. Schiffres quantitatively tests HVAC filters, baby wipes, paper towels and coffee filters. HVAC filters (Filtrete 1900) was most similar to N95 mask material, but would have to be layered to achieve higher filtration.

3d printed face mask

Chris Stanford designed a 3D printed masked with changeable filter with moldable edges to maintain seal on the face.
Link: Reusable Face Mask

Joann Fabrics face mask video

Joann Fabrics has a video guide on making a cloth face mask, including all the supplies you'd need.
Link: https://www.joann.com/make-to-give-response/

Sew to stop Covid-19

Gloria Hansen has collected resources on sewing masks, N95 covers, neck gaitors, scrub caps and more.
Link: http://www.covid-19.gloriahansen.com/sewing.php

HK Consumer Council consumer mask

HK Consumer Council released instructions on DIY face mask using paper towels and tissue paper. The claim that "two kitchen paper towels as the outer layer achieved over 90% function of surgical mask in terms of filtration of 20-200nm aerosol."
Link: HK Consumer Council face mask

THeMaskPros DIY resource

TheMaskPros.com have gathered several resources on making your own face mask, including videos and patterns.
Link: https://themaskpros.com/

3d printed adapter for snorkel

Custom Surgical designed an adapter that connects a snorkel with a in-line ventilator filter, allowing for a full-face mask. STL files available for download.
Link: MedSHIELD-19

Sewing reusable cloth masks

Dr. Megan Lord provides a guide on sewing together a reusable cloth mask with a disposable filter pocket.
Link: Reusable Cloth Masks with Non-Woven Filtration Layer

Full-Face HEPA Snorkel Mask

Derek Kazahaya suggested placing a HEPA filter over a standard full-face snorkel mask to provide full face protection.
Link: Full-face HEPA Snorkel Mask

3D Printed Mask Tutorial

Dr. Chris Wiles provides a tutorial into making a 3D printed mask with furnace filters. One of the best DIY masks out there at this time. STL files provided on thingiverse.
Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4237783

Another 3D Printed Mask

Billings Clinic offers directions and STL files for making your own 3D printed mask.
Link: https://www.billingsclinic.com/foundation/
Link: Directions
Link: STL files

CPR mask with P100 filter

Angela Meraki at TheWorcShop created an adapter to couple a CPR mask with a Honeywell North N Series P100 Filter.
Link: CPR Mask with P100 filter.

Elastomeric Respirator

Dr. Brianna Slatnick shows you how to make a respirator using an anesthesia face mask and ventilator in-line filter.

DIY Cloth Mask from HK

Dr. K. Kwong has a guide on the creation of cloth masks, which he estimates has N70 filtration using kitchen paper towels.
Link: https://diymask.site/

No Sew Face Mask

Raphaela Laurean makes a face mask using furnace filters. She uses MERV 13 filters that are able to filter particles down to 0.3 µm.

Deaconess face mask video

Deaconess released a video on how to make a face mask. These are cloth masks, not respirators.
Link: How to make a face mask

Face Mask Kit Sewing tutorial

Providence St. Joseph Health has a sewing tutorial that teaches you how to make non-N95 face masks.
Video: https://vimeo.com/399324367

Best materials for DIY Masks?

Paddy Robertson, CEO of Smart Air, wrote this article comparing various materials for DIY face masks.
Link: Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?