Face Shields

Profaster alpha

Phoenix Equipement provides the details on assembling their face shield, which was approved by the French Defense Innovation Agency.

Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4314285

Simple A4 folder face shield

Eisuke Tachikawa has a simple template that creates a face shield from a clear A4 folder in under a minute.

NIH-approved Scrunchie Shield

Peter Vikar designed this simple face shield that is NIH-approved with 3D-printed head band and office supplies.
Link: https://faceshield.us/


MIT's Project Manus provides instructions and videos on the assembly of a single-piece face shield.
Link: https://project-manus.mit.edu/fs

3D printed face shield

COVID Supply Connection offers another option for a 3D printed face shield.
Link: https://covidsupplyconnection.com/3d-printed-face-shield/

Reusable face shield design

TechnoChic has a video showing her build of a reusable face shield.

Single material face shield

Daniel Yates shares his face shield design that uses only one material.
Link: Open Source Single Material Face Shield

NIH-approved face shield

NIH released a 3D-printable face shield. This design has undergone review in a clinical setting and is recommended when fabricated as instructed.
Link: https://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3dpx-013238

3D printed face shield

3DVerkstan offers another option for a 3D printed face shield.
Link: https://3dverkstan.se/protective-visor/

NYU open source FACE shield

A low cost, medical face shield designed to be quickly made using almost any flat material fabrication equipment.
Link: https://open-face-website.now.sh/

No holes prusa-based shield

Adam Brown provided plans for his 3D-printed, Prusa-based face shield. Biggest difference is that it takes a standard A4 transparent sheet without having to make holes.
Link: A4 transparent sheet face shield

All Plastic sheet face shield

Brandon Wood shares a design for a face shield made only of clear plastic sheet. Prototype available for download.
Link: https://dimin.com/face-shield/

Face shield without 3D printing

Scott Hall shares instructions on a face shield that does not require 3D printing.
Link: Face Shield

Laser-CUT PRUSA face shield

Protohaven made a laser-cut version of the Prusa face shield that can be made for less than $1 and under 1 minute (if you have the equipment).
Link: https://www.protohaven.org/proto-shield/


Elinor McThomas released the instructions for an improved version of the Prusa 3D printed face shield.
Link: Modified Prusa face shield

3D printed face shields

Chana Schwarz posted the details for another 3D printed face shield.
Link: Thingiverse
Link: Google Doc

3d printed face shields

Andrej Hinić‎ shared the design of another 3D printed face mask design.
Link: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/face-cover-covid-19

3d printed face shields

Precuris provides instructions and downloads for building a face shield.
Link: https://precuris.com/faceshields/

DIY Face Shield in <1min, ~$1

Isaac Naor has a very fast and simple way to make s face shield using transparency film, foam window insulation and a rubber band.

3D printed Face shield

Josef Prusa designed a face shield with 3D-printed headband. Instructions, videos and printer files are available.
Link: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/25857-prusa-protective-face-shield-rc2

Johns Hopkins face shield

Johns Hopkins provides steps to self-manufacturing face shields.
Link: Johns Hopkins Face Shield